Uphold the Plebeian Spirit and Promote the Interest of the Working Class

November 28, 03
In the coming months, we shall again rage and bear witness to the worst symptoms of elite patronage politics. The proverbial triad–guns, gold and goons–shall rear its ugly head. Popularity will supersede political platforms. Deceit will supplant standards of good governance. Narrow elite factional interests will shroud national survival and the working people’s welfare.

It is disturbing enough that our current crop of elite presidentiables has no coherent platform. It frustrates everyone else why they only have their factional and personal agenda in mind. Isn’t it alarming why no national leader has so far dared to submit a national development blueprint that emphasizes the national interest, the cause of the working peoples, and the welfare of the distressed sectors?

Fernando Poe Jr.’s announcement of his presidential bid was met with scorn and accolades. Some factions of the elite belittled the capacity and capability of FPJ in running the affairs of the nation. While we view FPJ’s candidacy with reservation as it is prodded by the bankrupt elite opposition and backed by the supporters of former President Estrada, we also criticize the shallowness of the supporters of GMA at belittling the abilities of FPJ. The main issue for us is not his lack of education nor his inexperience in public service but the Philippine political system itself. It is the system that limits the choice of the masses between sections of the elite who do not have real differences in terms of issues and program of governance but mere personalities. 

We will not easily succumb in this mad festival of deception and naked opportunism. We shall persist in pushing for a political platform that will benefit the toiling peoples, the youth, the poorest of the poor, the middle class, including the depressed entrepreneurs. We will constantly engage key electoral contenders towards this end as well. We shall also urge other avowed workers and peasants formations to desist from populist rhetoric and tactics; we are obliged to insist that the education of the masses–especially the poorest of the poor—is at all times paramount over a few morsels from the trapos’s “war chests”, or over some assured positions in the government bureaucracy.